Autobiography of the writer
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The poet Trandafir Simpetru is a prestigious literary figure both locally, in Romania as well internationally. He has been writing poetry since he was 14 years old and right now he has published over 30 books of poetry and novels, numerous collaborated anthologies, locally and internationally. He holds prestigious awards intrnationally and in Romania he holds the most important award called “The Union of Romanian Writers Prize”.

Trandafir Simpetru is not just a poet and novelist, as well a highly appreciated editor and publicist, being involved lately in promoting the Romanian talents locally and globally.

In terms of poetry writing, his literary pen can be described as being exquisitely nostalgic-erotic, making use of a powerful suave sensuality, moving between temptation and ardent sensory desires.

This ardent poet likes to describe the nature in all its forms, as a beautiful painting, his poetic language contains a special colour, its lyrical composition is balanced and harmonious, flowing as a beautiful serenade.

Trandafir Simpetru is a profound artist, whose name deserves to be among the global poetic stars.

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